Many Divers asked us this question and we can say, YES it is possible to visit three top destinations joining one of our Dive Safari.

Starting from November 2022 we do it again:

  • Dive the WW II ship wrecks in Coron Bay,
  • watch the Dugongs in North Busuanga
  • and last but not least enjoy the secrets of Apo Reef.

Choose out of three different tours to fulfill your dive preferences.

  • For interested divers who only want to see the wonder of Apo Reef, our Short Trip to APO Reef is the right choice.
    Liveaboard Apo Reef
  • The second tour is created for those who never dove or swim with Dugongs? One day we watch these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. After this we proceed to Apo Reef and where Big fish is waiting for us.
    Dugong watching Liveaboard Apo Reef
  • On our personal ultimate Dive Safari you will visit all three Dive Destinations in one tour. One your first Day we will go to North Busuanga and watch, swim, snorkel or dive with Dugongs. The next day you will wake up in front of Apo Reef. Two amazing dive days at Apo Reef waiting for you. Last but not least we go back to Coron to explore the Coron Wrecks.

For us, a must have on every Buddy-list.

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